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A personal message from Laurie-Ann

My goal for this podcast and every episode is to help you move forward in your business, become more profitable and love the business you’re building. Let’s get rid of the hustle, bro marketing tactics and most of all the confusion on what to do.


I’ve built 3 successful companies from the ground up, coached hundreds of CEOs, leaders and online business owner for years. Now, I want to share my knowledge with you.
Me, you and however you like to listen. Let’s go for a walk, sip coffee or run errands together. The beauty of learning from me on my podcast is you’ll get to decide the how and when.
I’ll be your coach, cheerleader and the one helping you cut through the online noise to build a business you’re in love with and wildly successful at.
And because you’ve joined my launch team, to help get my podcast into more earbuds I’ve got glorious thank you gifts for sharing. The more you share, the more gifts you’ll be offered.


Here’s a peek at the Thank You gifts we’re giving away.

The more you share, the more thank you gifts you’ll receive.

Master Your Sales Training
and Group Call

Get Master Your Sales training (videos and workbook)  plus a group call with Laurie-Ann to help you sell and earn more today.

Private Coaching Calls

Win a private coaching call, where we’ll focus in on one or two areas for a deep dive. Walk away with a plan and actionable steps to move you and your business forward.

Speaking for Clients Masterclass

This at your own pace masterclass includes training videos and a follow along workbook. Find the perfect places to speak (live and virtually) to be positioned as the expert, attract high end clients and leverage your intellectual property.

Here’s what the Be In Demand Podcast is about…

Success psychology, mindset, strategies and actionable advice, so that you spend more time on the things that work and propel your business forward.

Got question about being on the launch team?

When is the Be In Demand podcast launching?

The podcast will launch on Tuesday August 4th. Several episodes will be released for you to enjoy and binge on.

What do you need me to do to help with the launch?

All I’m asking is for you to share the podcast with your friends, on social media, Facebook groups, Instagram….however you want to share will be greatly appreciated.

Is there any swipe copy or graphics I can use?

Yes, we got your back and want to make it easy for you. You’ll be given access to a folder in Google Drive with graphics and copy for you to use if you want. We know you’re busy and want to make this real easy to get the word out.

How can I get in on the free gifts?

Sign up above with your name and email address. My team will send you emails with the links to the folder inside Google Drive and any other important information you’ll need. We’ve thought of EVERYTHING! Fun prizes and gift for you depending on how many times you share.